Enhancing Care and Support for People Living with HIV in Chikwawa, Lilongwe and Nsanje

Location: Chikwawa, Lilongwe and NsanjeJuly 2015 to October 2018

Target Locations: Chikwawa, Lilongwe and Nsanje

This project being currently implemented in Chikwawa and Lilongwe aims at improving quality of life among PLHIV through improved treatment adherence, care and support services. The project was initially implemented in Chikwawa and Nsanje, before moving out of Nsanje to Lilongwe in 2016.

The project has been using the following strategies:

  • Strengthening bi-directional referral systems between community care groups and facilities.
  • Building up the follow up systems on treatment, care and support services.
  • Community case management and community mobilization on adherence to treatment, care and support.
  • Community identification of HIV+ adults and paediatrics and linkage to HIV treatment and care services.
  • Promotion of Nutritional support to people living with HIV.
  • Capacity building for community service providers and PLHIV.
  • Capacity building for community service providers and PLHIVNetworking, monitoring and evaluation of activities.

Donor: USAID through Counterpart International