POG Enhancement for Sustainable Agriculture Lead Farmer Program

July 2016 to June 2019

Districts: Lilongwe in Traditional Authorities Khongoni and Kabudula

NAPHAM in partnership with Heifer Project International (HPI) is implementing the project with the purpose of lifting 1,000 households below the poverty line by using Heifer’s Values-Based Community Development (VBHCD) Model for sustainable development, the Triadic and Exponential POG (EPOG) approaches. This is a pilot project to be implemented for three years. The project focuses on strengthening the social capital development of the farming communities. It is being implemented through 10 support groups in which 40 self-help groups have been formed in 10 GVHs namely Kabudula, Kasambwe, Chizu II, Lundu and Chitukula in Traditional Authority Kabudula and Kalama, Chateka, Kasiya, Madzonga and Mswati in Traditional Authority Khongoni. Each GVH has 4 self-help groups and in total there are 40 self-help groups.

The Triadic Model, Exponential Passing on the Gift (EPOG) and other Social Capital Development approaches being used are to ensure that project participants drive their own development process to achieve sustainable livelihoods. The project is also focusing on building the capacity of NAPHAM in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project during and beyond the active funding period and the capacity of community members and the Self Help Groups (SHGs) whom are loosely connected and structured, with inadequate and poor quality farm inputs, lack of proper marketing channels and information and lack of requisite skills and technologies to exploit the available opportunities in order to grow high value crops and raise livestock that can easily be sold within their city and or villages.

Donor: Heifer International