Women Empowerment And Ending Gender Based Violence

HIV and AIDS has been known to be one of the causal factors for gender based violence. For instance, when a spouse, especially women, has been diagnosed with HIV, she suffers different forms of gender based violence at the hand of the husband. This leads to some people not disclosing their status to their spouses and then enrolment on and adherence to treatment becomes a challenge.

NAPHAM members come from communities which practise harmful social beliefs and norms that perpetuate Violence to women and Girls. Community members and Support group members are trained to understand Gender based violence and role of women, girls and community to end gender based violence. NAPHAM Members take lead in conducting community education campaigns sensitizing the masses on dangers of gender based violence.

To address this challenge, NAPHAM has over the years been carrying out a number of activities to address the gender based violence in the communities. Among others NAPHAM does the following:

  • Sensitizing chiefs and local leaders on their role in ending gender based violence.
  • Sensitizing community as well as some government structures on how to address cases of gender based violence.
  • Building capacity of traditional tribunals on how to handle cases of gender based violence.
  • Empowering women on how to fight against gender based violence.
  • Training people to understand difference between Gender and Sex